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Zenith Structural Access Solutions

Zenith Structural Access Solutions

There are numerous companies providing structural access solutions, ranging from rope access to suspended cradles and platforms and standard scaffold techniques, etc, sometimes offering one or two systems, but rarely, if ever all forms of access.

Zenith is a company founded in 2003 from steeplejack origins, now generating £12 million turnover, employing 120 people including tradesmen, access technicians, structural engineers and other construction professionals.

A wealth of steeplejack expertise combined with rope access, suspended cradles and platform techniques means Zenith approach a specialist access problem best placed to provide a viable and cost effective solution (sometimes when others have no answer) whether the structure is a road or railway bridge or viaduct, a jetty, an industrial chimney stack or a historic building. 

For example, if it is a railway viaduct, Zenith will design “in house” and install suspended platforms "inside" the arches working from below the structure with no need to gain access onto the railway line.  The platform type access will be much more cost effective than the traditional ground bearing scaffold which is expensive because it takes longer to build.  Zenith’s involvement means repair works can start much quicker in tight time windows when deploying suspended platform access.

When you combine structural access, structural inspection and repair or restoration you have a company which knows the most appropriate access system to suit the particular type of repair work. 

In addition the temporary structural access system is designed “in-house” by chartered structural engineers.

Zenith’s rope access operatives have the combined skills of stonemasons and other trades associated with conservation of structures and buildings.  The phrase “dopes on ropes” explains the lack of capability other than swing on a rope of other rope access companies….

Permutations and combinations of in-house structural engineers, structural repair techniques and structural access experience means Zenith can design and install a tailored solution fit for purpose in any environment.