The restoration, maintenance, repair and conservation of marine, industrial and civil engineering structures and buildings (including historic)

  • Repair and refurbishment works on steel, concrete and masonry road and rail bridges and viaducts including protective coatings, concrete repairs, masonry repairs and re-pointing

  • Stabilization of rock slopes (anchoring and netting) including installation of catch fences

  • Repair of steel and concrete, marine structures, for example pontoons, berthing dolphins, breakwaters and quay walls

  • Corrosion protection (application of protective coatings) of steel and concrete on marine, industrial and civil engineering structures

  • Restoration of historic (utilising stone masons and other trades) and high-rise buildings

  • Structural inspection using rope access techniques, including analysis and repair specification design and compilation of building and structural condition reports

  • Routine maintenance of historic (including listed), commercial and industrial high-rise buildings including cleaning of roof gutters, roof repair works (including spray applied polyurea and other seamless systems under warranty for complete flat roof refurbishment), vegetation removal, window replacement and glazing

  • Design and installation of strengthening techniques for masonry and stone buildings and bridges

  • Combined specialist access, surveying and inspection techniques for structural assessment of jetty and bridge/viaduct structures