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How we can help you...

AW Solutions bridges the gap between the challenges of your engineering brief and the realization of the project. We seamlessly take your brief on paper and turn it into a finished engineering job.

AW Solutions methodology follows the principles of a ‘project pipeline’- bridging the gap between the client’s project aspirations and engineering reality. We give our clients peace of mind that their engineering challenge, from the start, through the stages of design, implementation and development to the finished project is a seamless process with second to none results.

We see ourselves as a conduit between our client and our niche associated engineering companies creating effective two-way communication and development of project briefs in accordance with engineering best practice and the relevant health and safety and environmental legislation.

How We Work:

Firstly, we take the initial brief and develop it into a fully fleshed out engineering scope of work in agreement with our client ensuring that the solution options proposed are accurately communicated to our client. This takes the form of a detailed schedule of work meaning there is transparency for our client, saving them time and money.

We then advise which one of our hand picked stable of partner engineering companies we feel is best suited to deliver the project on time and on budget for our client. In some cases, two of our partner companies may be involved in delivery of the overall project with AW Solutions managing and coordinating design and site based activities.

We don't ‘Google’ to find engineering companies for our project challenges. Instead we engage suitably qualified and experienced companies whose work we know meets an excellent standard (working with them over many years) and we have already examined their client references as well as their health and safety, environmental and management structure and financial state of health. This means our client has total confidence that the engineering company working on their project is of the highest standard and professionalism and AW Solutions will verify the work that will be produced. 

The 3 key benefits to you:

  1. We take out the day-to-day hassles of running a large engineering project and give you peace of mind that your project is in safe hands.
  2. All of the pit falls and problems associated with a large project are resolved by us keeping you totally up to date on your project’s progress in relation to the agreed timescales without you having to be on site every day.
  3. We are a company that believes in innovation and leading edge technology and we will always look for novel ways to deliver your project with added value for you.

So if you want to take the hassle, headaches and heartache out of your engineering project and see that initial brief come to fruition seamlessly, then talk to AW Solutions today.

You may be the owner of the structure or building, the engineer with responsibility for maintenance or an estimator/engineer working for a civil engineering contractor…….you might also be the person responsible for delivery of the engineering project but not an engineer………