Specialist structural access designed to reach all or parts of the civil engineering structure or building when conventional scaffold or mechanical means of access is either inappropriate or too expensive.

  • IRATA level 3 rope access technicians working on steep coastal rock faces, bridges, viaducts, jetties, industrial chimney stacks and refurbishment of (historic) buildings

  • Suspended platform access for marine structural repair works, engineered to cope with daily tidal movements in estuaries and coastal locations (jetties, harbours)

  • Suspended access on the underside of hydraulically operated steel linkspan RO-RO ramps/bridges keeping the vehicle ramp operational while repair works take place on the bridge

  • Suspended platforms and cradles providing access for repair works on road and railway bridges and viaducts installed from the underside without encroaching on the railway line

  • Suspended access on tall industrial chimneys and flare stacks to facilitate tip replacement, repair and maintenance works

  • Temporary “rolling roof” concept with elevated work platform or “crash deck” platforms to facilitate the replacement or repair of an existing roof on an occupied building (the occupied building is weatherproofed temporarily with the “rolling roof”)

  • Access under water in a harbour to create dry working space for repair works on a sheet pile wall in the tidal zone involving bespoke coffer dam technology.
    Similarly, bespoke coffer dam access to create dry working space for repair works on a valve in the base of a dam, without needing to lower the water level in the dam

  • Temporary suspended scaffold access and working platform structural design

  • Innovative safe systems of roof access for repair and replacement of fragile roof sheeting including asbestos