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Zenith Structural Access Solutions


Therm-U-Dri offers WALLTITE, a closed cell spray or injected foam insulation system for walls and roofs which unlike conventional "bead or board" insulation products, provides a SEAMLESS, AIRTIGHT and DAMP PROOF INSULATION solution for both residential and commercial building owners.

Therm-U-Dri are working alongside BASF trained and accredited Foam Master contractors throughout Northern Ireland to promote best practice installation of BASF WALLTITE spray and injection grade closed cell foam insulation systems.

WALLTITE, closed cell rigid polyurethane foam provides a SEALED and SEAMLESS THERMAL and AIRTIGHT building envelope ELIMINATING HEAT LOSS with the added benefit of PREVENTING PENETRATING DAMP (above ground) in walls caused by driving rain offering added STRUCTURAL STABILITY to both stone and brickwork walls.

The use of WALLTITE in the WALLS and ROOFS of "NEW BUILD" residential HOUSING is becoming increasingly popular because the home owners FUEL BILLS are REDUCED long term - WALLTITE is an AIRTIGHT INSULATION of the best possible standard.

Apart from its outstanding insulation properties, Walltite also serves the purpose of working as a flood mitigation measure when installed in the cavities of walls of buildings prone to flooding.

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